Photography by Mili Frank 

I am an Artist

I paint with a high emphasis on emotion and the sweet embrace of controlling what I knowingly and truly decide not to control. I paint with a fever of passion and release, and it is within this realm of maintained uncontrollability that I am able to become myself.  Through vigorous and unyielding power of heart and trust in my hands I am, or hope to portray, a ballet; a dance of uncoordinated calculated beauty in which each time not only am I new to this experience but as well the canvas and the blossoming hope for what shall be created.  Within this embrace of understanding what not need be understood, I am whole, and in this light I create. 

As in each of us we have a power of realization and beauty.  I can only hope to inspire and evoke an ease within.  

The power of my art is not the end result, the same is as of life. The beauty, the real core of it, comes from the journey. The one step that led you to the stars. 

And with that, 

                Dane C. Smith